Project Description

Medication for All

The program consists of two basic components: the central pharmacy and rational use of drugs (RUD)

Main goal of the program:

To ensure that safe; effective; high-quality essential drugs are available at all times in our health facilities, and appropriately used by the patients. Aiming to close the gap between the need of essential drugs and access to them, in addition to another gap between availability of drugs and their rational use.

Management of drug supply:

This component operates through the central pharmacy based in Ramallah in cooperation with a similar branch center in the Gaza strip, to procure and distribute drugs and medical supplies of recognized standards of quality, and to ensure a sufficient, timely delivered supply of medications included in our essential drug list is available at all times at PMRS health centers, mobile clinics, and other programs.

The other aspect of the central pharmacy’s work is to monitor and supervise all pharmacies located at PMRS health centers ensuring that drugs are properly stored in terms of environment, the FIFO (First In First Out) system of dispensing ensures minimal expiration dates of drugs, and precise records of stock movements.

Responding to Emergency:

The pharmacy program has an essential role in responding to the emergency situation and expanding health care problems, in addition to the increasing demand of free healthcare services due to the current political and economic situation in Palestine

Working together with The Emergency and First aid program we managed to equip our health centers, mobile clinics, and PMRS ambulances with all drugs, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment necessary to cope with the emergency situation, continuous closures and mobility restrictions imposed on Palestinian people. In addition to emergency kits that are continuously prepared and distributed according to the needs

We also work to help in providing treatments to thousands of individual relief cases who seek assistance due to lacking or high cost health services.

We continue to reinforce our relations with local and international NGOs aiming to strengthen Palestinian health system as pharmaceuticals constitute an important part of it.

Rational Use of drugs:

Irrational use of drugs is a major problem in Palestine as well as worldwide. The overuse, under-use or misuse of medicines results in resources wastage and widespread health hazards.

The RUD policy at PMRS seeks to limit the use of unnecessary and potentially harmful drugs both on organizational and national levels by:

– The selection of drugs that are safe, cost-effective and with up-to-date information, and including them in PMRS Essential Drug List that has been developed according to the WHO Essential drug standards and adapted to the specific Palestinian health context.

– Working to ensure that drugs are rationally prescribed according to standard treatment protocols and guidelines

– Ensuring that drugs are correctly identified, packaged, and that patients are clearly instructed on drug use.

– Ensuring that patients consume drugs as prescribed and do not use drugs in an unsafe manner.

The implementation of the RUD principles is incorporated in the training of health staff, case management protocols, field supervision checklists, and the disbursement of drugs by health centers.

Training and Health Education:

Rational Drug use is a main topic in the training curricula at PMRS School of Community Health, for both health workers and primary health care courses for physicians.

The Pharmacy program also seeks to educate people on the appropriate and rational use of drugs. PMRS organizes regular workshops and seminars on specific drug issues as well as related public health problems.

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