Children’s Health

Children are entitled to the highest attainable standard of health. PMRS believes that in order to reach this standard, health must be viewed in a holistic, comprehensive manner, which includes all facets of child well-being.


Youth Program

Youth Programs The present time is the son of the past and the father of the future. In the same sense, young people are the generation of the present but they are the fathers


Mobile Clinics

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Health Education

The main objective of Palestine Medical Relief’s Health Education Program, is to promote health awareness within Palestinian society. Information is provided to local populations on how to prevent disease and illness from occurring, as well as how to treat them. The messages relayed by the various mediums used, encourage people to adopt healthy lifestyles, alter risk inducing habits, and strive to maintain overall good health. Whilst educating the general public, material is also produced which is to be used by health care professionals when training Palestinian Medical Relief staff. This ensures that good health care techniques are promoted throughout the organization. In addition, as well as being proactive in its approach to healthcare provision, the Health Education Program is also be reactive. For example during the Second Intifada, the program was able to quickly disseminate information on first aid techniques as well as how to cope with stress and psychological trauma.


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